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Growing Pains



Come On!
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Truth Is Cold
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Not My Turn
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One Day
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Lullaby Don't Say Goodnight
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Born William Cameron Gair in Barrie, Ontario Canada, “Willie” grew up as a natural performer. Organically, Willie would always be singing and dancing and playing air guitar. Microphones and instruments were always on Santa’s wish list. Creating shows and directing his brother and sister or best friend in performances they would put on for family, friends and even neighbours. With all of this, his talent or love for it wasn’t encouraged or nurtured by his parents past applause.

Over time and growing up as a very reclusive kid, Willie became very shy and the performance artist took a back seat.


It wasn’t until Will got to high school where he met Clance who encouraged him to get into the arts. Will was in every production while he was there, including landing the lead role of “Tony” in West Side Story and winning a Sears Drama Festival  award for his portrayal of Mark in an original production called “Relate”. Appreciating theatre, it wasn’t the kind of performing Will was interested in. Musically his number one love is Shania Twain. The I’m gonna do things my way, cross-over artist and the sound produced by Mutt Lange was awesome!


Not being fond of his name for the artist, Will took his middle name, Cameron, and added Oakland after watching a Blue Jays game where they were playing The Oakland A’s.  Cameron’s musical style has been influenced by all types of music and all genres. He doesn’t think his music fits into a certain category. It’s more about the feeling that goes behind the song that can be produced a number of ways. Cameron isn’t too big on labels anyway.  


Currently, Cameron has finished in the studio on his DEBUT EP entitled “Growing Pains”. He has gone from someone who couldn’t tell anyone he was a singer to telling absolutely anyone and everyone and marks himself successful in his own right. “Growing Pains” is due out June 1st, 2022 and he hopes to tour with the music in an intimate talk and sing setting.

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Photo Film Cameron Oakland